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Back Adhesive Labeling Machine

Back Adhesive Labeling Machine Model : LB1

This machine is fully automatic and is able to affix back adhesive labels for flat and circle dishes. The machine was equipped by an adjustable conveyor belt on the upper part of the bottle to fix dishes on the line while labeling.

The machine has timing unit in order to conduct dishes regularly and product sensor equipment and private label sensor (label sensor), adjustable and calibrated to different kinds of dishes and not transparent label.

The machine has PLC control and the HMI monitoring system was drawn so that operator is easily able to adjust the machine and change the amount of efficiency of production, meanwhile all changes and adjusting the machine are executive through Touch screen. All surfaces of machine chassis are covered Epoxy paint and the machine is in corresponding to the highest standards of food and medicine technologies. The machine has conveyor belt, width 8 cm and length of 3 m and special brush or sponge to labeling.

The capacity of machine is 9 m of labeling in a minute.