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Overlap Sharing Machine

Overlap Sharing Machine Model : OL-SH25

This machine is fully automatic and is used for packaging different kinds of plastic bottles and PET in 2, 3 or 4 raw packages (without tray). The machine includes two parts of automatic bottle unscrambler and thermal tunnel. The automatic bottle unscramble put the dishes in order in optional packages (Max. 4*6) Only one plastic arch is used in this machine. The machine cut the plastic and keeps it in a way that the edges are somehow overlapped (Overlap system).  The machine has no sewing blade and while package is passing through thermal tunnel, the plastic edges are jointed together.  The machine has PLC control and HMI monitoring system was drawn up so that the operator is able to adjust machine easily and also change the amount of production efficiency. Meanwhile all changes and adjusting the machine are executive through Touch screen. The machine has 3 cooling fans closed at the end of tunnel.

The speed of machine is 25 packages in a minute.

Meanwhile the above machine is able to produce with printed nylon together with photocell dot.

Quantity: one set