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Tri Block Rinser-Filler and Capper Machine

Tri Block-Rinser-Filler and Capper Model: RFC4000

This machine is fully automatic and is installed on a chassis as a whole (Rinser, Filler, and Capper). The above machine is Neck Holder and changing the size of dish is subjected to Min. change parts. This machine is appropriate for different kinds of pet and poly ethylene bottle from 250 cc to 2250 cc. All parts involving to materials and cover around the machine are made up European stainless steel 304 & 316.

The machine has an air conveyer, door lifter and digital surface control. The heads are magnet clutch type and adjustable.

The machine has PLC control and HMI monitoring system was drawn up so that the operator is able to adjust machine easily and also change the amount of production efficiency. Meanwhile all changes and adjusting the machine are executive through Touch screen. All electrical and electronic equipment used in this machine are made in Western European Countries. The above mentioned machine is also made with capacities such as (18-24-6) 5000 b/h and (24-32-8) 7000 b/h,...